The Container Project

3-Rooms Wood-Gym Big-Kitchen Resort-Pool


We are charging $60 a Night Per Container.

Lower than most other competitors. Our place will also look better than most competitors.

A conservative average is 190 nights rented per year.

That means each container will produce $11,400 a year in revenue.

Additionally we will have bicycle,e-bike and surfboard rentals + a high-margin room service menu.

It will be $20 per day for the EBike rental, with an estimated average of 80 days per year rented. 

The Ebikes should produce $1,600 a year in revenue.


There is a 320 sq ft Casita on in the back of the property. This Casita is the managers den. Whoever is living in this home will handle check in/out and property maintenance for $400/mo.

4 Places.
Our Website, Airbnb, VRBO and Google

We will be purchasing Bikes, E-Bikes and Surfboards for our guests to rent as well as an additional source of revenue. 

We will have a basic room service menu that offers high-margin breakfast, lunch and dinner such as 1) bacon eggs toast 2) burritos 3) mac n cheese 4) grilled cheese 5) chicken/beans/rice etc.

We have an LLC here in Costa Rica that owns the property and manages the finances.  We will amend the company documents to include each person’s name, investment amount and the assets they “own” and how often and what source they are paid out.

Construction will begin early January 2023. We will be fully finished and taking reservations by Early to Mid April 2023.